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Cognitive Architecture for Real-Time, Embedded Cognitive Systems

 Supervisor: Prof. Craig Lindley

Integrated cognitive architectures seek to connect modules for specialized cognitive functions, such as perceptual processing, problem solving and motion generation, into comprehensive systems able to function autonomously in cognitive task environments. Integrated cognitive architectures for autonomous mobile robots must be able to process sense data, make decisions about how to act in order to satisfy current goals, generate behaviours for accomplishing goal-oriented tasks, deal with problems and uncertainties in the task environment, and possibly learn.

This project involved conducting a comprehensive review of cognitive theories and architectures, including an evaluation of the potential for new architecture models inspired by contemporary cognition research but not yet realized as computational cognitive systems. Following this review and analysis, the project will implement a framework for cognitive control in real-time embedded systems, such as mobile robots.

Core skills developed in the project: understanding of cognitive theories and architectures, understanding and specification of the requirements for embedded, autonomous cognitive systems, ability to implement a framework for an integrated cognitive architecture for mobile robots.

The final version of the thesis can be downloaded here.

Please see the presentations of the project by clicking the link below:

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