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Intelligent Technology

Calculation and Programming (Luleå University of Technology / 2011)

Contents: In the course I have learned the methods for calculation and programming within the field of Computational Cognitive Neuroscience and the basic simulation models of the human cognition.

Project 1:
Implement the visual search and popout paradigm, described in a study by Treisman and Gelade (1980).
pr3_4.m and Treisman.m

Project 2:
Replicate a generalized version of the Posner (1980) paradigm - create a program that allows you to gather data on reaction times.
pr4_4.m and posner.m

Assignment works:

Cognitive Science (Luleå University of Technology / 2011)

Contents: Cognitive science is the interdisciplinary study of mind and intelligence, embracing among other things cognitive psychology, neuroscience and artificial intelligence. In the course we ask the questions: How does the mind work? and How can it be modeled and simulated?

Project: create a rule-based expert system in Matlab.
mom6.m (system's description is below, in assignment works)

Assignment works:

Computation and the Brain (Luleå University of Technology / 2011)

Contents: In the course I've studied the brain and its functions, such as perception and attention, memory, emotions and executive functions. Theories and models from the field of biological psychology, computational neuroscience and artificial neural networks are covered.

Project 1:

Approximation of function by neural networks. The goal is to build a feedforward neural network that approximates the following function:

Project steps include data preparation, network design, network training and network testing, all programmed in Matlab.

Project 2:

Vehicle guidance for obstacle avoidance. It's assumed that the vehicle knows its own position and the position of the goal. After each step the vehicle's position is adjusted due to the possible noise and uncertainty in achieving the calculated movement. Gaussian functions are used for constructing the surface with obstacles, multiobjective cost function used for path planning strategy. The project is performed in Matlab.

Assignment works:

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