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Design Theory and Research (BTH / 2010)

Content: The goal of the course is to establish a holistic and reflective perspective on the design to approach design problems and quality in an analytic way. The students reach deepened knowledge about design methods, theories and frameworks for the development, procurement, and evaluation of IT-systems.

Assignment works:

Fundamental Issues in IS (BTH / 2010)

Content: Social perspectives on information technology, knowledge management in organisations, user oriented methods and techniques in systems development, E-business and its organisational impacts, different perspectives on information systems and information technology.

Assignment works:

E-culture (BTH / 2011)

Content: Humans beings in socio-technical systems, historic, actual and future ICT trends, ICT based social communities, Theories and models for understanding of the cultural, social and psychological effects of ICT use, human and cultural effects of some typical ICT applications.

Assignment works:

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